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CHANGECARS is looking to purchase excellent condition low mileage vehicles. We are interested in all makes from Alfa Romeo to Volvo and everything in between. Do you have a vehicle with a mileage of less than 15 000km a year? For example 2019 with 75 000km or less. If so we would love to do business and we have created the perfect platform to do so!

Obtain information from your licence disc (If filled in correctly all additional vehicle information will pull through automatically)

Trade and Retail are system generated if the VIN number is provided and recognized. Figures are used purely as a guideline.
Vehicle has a spare key

List any accessories / defects / general comments / additional information regarding settlement if applicable

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Please upload up to 25 photos of your vehicle, we recommend as many as possible. Our tip is always to upload what you would wish to see if you were a Buyer.

Kindly include an image of your Licence Disc.

Please note Number Plates must be displayed.

You also have an additional option of loading a video of your vehicle, please note this is not compulsory.

UPLOAD YOUR NATIS (RC1) DOCUMENT HERE (please note this is not compulsory)

Should your vehicle be under finance you can request a copy from the Finance House

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