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Frequently Asked Questions

Car dealer

· Are all dealerships allowed to advertise on the site?

Most definitely not! We have very strict criteria and that is you have to be either a Franchised Approved Dealership or an official importer

· What is needed to register as a qualifying dealership on the CHANGECARS platform?

Less than 2 minutes of your time and we require zero documentation, if you meet the criteria above

· Are there staggered pricing packages and limits to the amount of vehicles we can advertise?

No and No, both in a positive way of course!

We want you to advertise as many vehicles as you like and derive the success you deserve from the site

We offer either a flat rate per vehicle sold or a flat monthly fee that is negotiated with you

· What are the annual price increases?

There will be no price increase considered until January 2024 at the earliest

We are aiming to increase the number of dealerships on the site NOT our prices

· What is the minimum contract period available!

We do not require you to sign a contract at all

We believe that if a client is made to feel valued they will stay forever. If we fail in that (WE WONT)
we deserve to lose you

Car buyer

· Why should the CHANGECARS platform be the number one choice for me?

We could give you many reasons!

The number one reason is that EVERY SINGLE dealer on the site is a dealership that can be trusted and has official manufacturer approval

There is not another platform or online service that can say the same thing

· Do we pay anything to use the site?

No and that will never change

· What if I don’t find what I am looking for immediately!

You can email and we will make sure we assist in securing the exact vehicle you want

· Is finance available?

Most definitely! Every single dealership on the site offers vehicle finance through all the major banks

· Am I able to trade in my existing vehicle!

With CHANGECARS the answer is always YES! The dealership of choice will assist you

They will provide a value on your current vehicle or feel free to email with your vehicle details

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    Selling Your Vehicle

    CHANGECARS is looking to purchase excellent condition low mileage vehicles. We are interested in all makes from Alfa Romeo to Volvo and everything in between. Do you have a vehicle with a mileage of less than 15 000km a year? For example 2016 with 75 000km or less. If so we would love to do business and we have created the perfect platform to do so!

    Obtain information from your licence disc (If filled in correctly all additional vehicle information will pull through automatically)

    Trade and Retail figures are sytem generated if VIN number is provided. Figures are used purely as a guideline

    List any accessories / defects / general comments / additional information regarding settlement if applicable

    upload Photos

    Please upload up to 25 photos of your vehicle, we recommend as many as possible. Our tip is always to upload what you would wish to see if you were a Buyer.

    Kindly include an image of your Licence Disc.

    Please note Number Plates must be displayed.

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