Trust is never deserved it is always earned

We are not aiming to compete with any of the existing platforms in the country. Rather we are looking to be completely different in every way

What does different mean exactly?

It means we value relationships, it means we aim to give more than we take and it most definitely means we know what makes our platform a success. Quality and service is at the heart of our offering

That will never change! Vehicle search

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There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a buying platform and having hundreds of choices and none of them excite you. We believe on our platform every single vehicle that is advertised is quality because it is offered by a manufacturer approved Dealership

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Our types of Cars

From Alfa Romeo to Volvo and every Manufacturer in between you will find them on our site. Whether you are looking for an entry level vehicle or the absolute top of the range, the site will cater for all your needs


Passenger vehicle with four doors


High end vehicle


Sport utility vehicle with four-wheel drive


Two doors and stylish


Coupe style vehicle with retractable roof

Sports Cars

Vehicles built with performance and style in mind


Light duty vehicle built for work

Light Delivery

Light delivery vehicles not exceeding 3 500kg in gross vehicle mass

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    CHANGECARS is looking to purchase excellent condition low mileage vehicles. We are interested in all makes from Alfa Romeo to Volvo and everything in between. Do you have a vehicle with a mileage of less than 15 000km a year? For example 2016 with 75 000km or less. If so we would love to do business and we have created the perfect platform to do so!

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    Kindly include an image of your Licence Disc.

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