As a car guy I constantly surf the web to get as much info on cars as possible.

Lately I have been doing quite a bit of research on YouTube and find it to be very informative indeed.


Here are just a few of my favorite YouTube channels that I follow:


Scotty Kilmer

Car guru from the USA, gives advice on older cars and reliability issues


Hoovies Garage

One of the biggest automotive channels around, Tyler Hoover buys old cars, one would normally stay away from and attempts to fix them


Car Wizard

Master mechanic from the USA. He is also the mechanic that assists Tyler Hoover with his cars


Calvin’s Car Diaries

Used car dealership owner from the UK, chats about his car finds and pros and cons.


JayEmm on Cars

Reviews a variety of cars, normally older desirable cars and gives his opinion on them


It’s Joel

In general, he reviews his own cars in quite a bit of detail and shows you the pitfalls of buying high end luxury cars, second hand


Pan the organizer

Master Car detailer from Canada. He reviews worldwide products and also illustrates how to properly detail your car


Different Car Review (DCR)

One of my favorites. Here you get a detailed review on everything that can go wrong with higher milage older high-end vehicles, really very informative.



Reviews on all Chinese and Chinese built cars, the producer was born in the USA but now lives in China. Very informative indeed


Doug DeMuro

Also a YouTube car superstar, his car reviews are very detailed and informative.



Presented by AK Morris. Australion Buyers guilde to older vehicles, informative and to the point.


Have a look and see for yourself