When looking for quality used cars certain things may help you narrow down your search for that stunning set of wheels. We’re going to discuss what you can implement to ensure that you find the best quality used cars that South Africa has to offer.

Buying used cars for sale in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town?

Where a vehicle lives and spends most of its life will eventually affect its quality. In South Africa, we have three major cities, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, and if you’re looking for quality used cars you may have to be selective and do a bit of homework on the history of the vehicle you're intending to purchase. Used cars for sale in Johannesburg that have spent a large portion of their lives inland shouldn’t be a concern, especially from a rust and corrosion point of view. The older the vehicle is, the more you have to consider factors such as rust and corrosion.


Durban and Cape Town are our two major coastal cities and used cars from these two places should be looked at closely. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a vehicle in either of these two cities. According to experts, a vehicle residing on the coast will take about five to seven years before rust spots begin to form. These will generally be minor spots on the vehicle, and may even be on replaceable parts. Rust spots shouldn't be a deterrent when looking for quality used cars, they are normally considered surface rust which isn't structural.


So, between the three major cities, which would be your safest bet when seeking quality used cars? Johannesburg is exempt where rust is concerned. Between the two coastal cities, the consensus is that you would much rather purchase a used vehicle from Cape Town than Durban. The reasoning is simple, both cities are near the coast, thus there is potential for rust to form on vehicles. Whether or not there is rust will also depend on how close the vehicle resides to the ocean. What makes Durban a lot more corrosive to cars is its climate. Not only are there saltwater particles from the Indian Ocean in the air, but vehicles and their owners alike have to contend with humidity almost daily. This moist air is the perfect breeding ground for the onset of rust as the years go on because the vehicle’s metal components are constantly carrying moisture and don’t get to dry out completely.

A website with quality used cars

Having said the above, it may feel as though purchasing used cars for sale in Johannesburg is the only alternative, but as we’ve mentioned, you wouldn’t go wrong by purchasing a used car from any of the three cities, you only need to consider a few factors like vehicle age, how many of those years have been in a coastal town, and the type of rust if any at all.


Of course, the platform you use to find your vehicle is equally important. These days there are many online platforms which one can use to search for and possibly purchase a used or new vehicle. Many of these websites are a scammer's paradise for unsuspecting buyers. To find quality used cars, your best bet is to use a quality used car website. CHANGECARS is one such platform and the most trusted website by South African car buyers. What makes this website unique is that every single dealership advertising its vehicles on the site is vetted to ensure legitimacy and quality. Without these measures, even if you do not run into a scam, you may still end up buying a lemon from an unscrupulous dealership. CHANGECARS eliminates this risk for the South African car-buying public and only advertises quality used cars from approved dealerships. Should you not be happy with a dealership on our site, we will always do our best to assist you as a valued customer.


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Finding used cars for sale in Johannesburg or any other part of the country is easy, but in most instances, you want a place that sells quality used cars. You’ll be able to find a quality used vehicle regardless of its city of origin, as long as you apply the search filters mentioned in this article. These guidelines apply to cars and motorcycles alike. Have fun shopping on www.changecars.co.za, and if you need car-buying advice we’re always happy to assist you. Contact us on [email protected]