The one thing we must commend the Jeep Grand Cherokee for is staying true to its American lineage throughout the decades. If you think back on all of its iterations you'll notice one common thread – a bold and imposing American style and design.


That hasn't changed in the current generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, if anything, it looks bolder and more imposing than ever. This aesthetic trait is one of the first things people notice about this SUV, and for many, it's an attractive attribute. The main ingredients here are a chunky squared-off silhouette, a long hood, a big grille, and you’ve got your Land of Liberty look. Initially, the brand introduced the Jeep Grand Cherokee in an "L" 7-seat configuration, and in 2023 the 5-seater was born. The two variants have slightly different looks – you can tell them apart by the D-pillar, which is tapered inward on the reduced-capacity Jeep. 


A cosey and commodious cabin is always a welcome feature in a vehicle of this ilk. Despite being the 5-seater variant, this Grand Cherokee still offers generous passenger space, whether you're occupying a front or rear seat. Rear seats can be reclined extensively, to give you that personalised comfort position, and having a standard panoramic sunroof extending to the rear enhances the cabin's feeling of vastness. One of this vehicle's biggest attractions when it was introduced, was the comprehensive package where features are concerned. You're still getting everything on the house in the 5-seater – this includes heated front and rear seats, a heated steering wheel, 8 USB ports spread out through the cabin, and a 230V auxiliary power plug-point. The Overland variant also has a thumping 19-speaker McIntosh High Performance audio system with a 950-watt amp and a subwoofer. Safety includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Assist, and Active Braking.


Road Manners

With standard air suspension, the Jeep Grand Cherokee provides a cushy ride that translates to a feeling of being afloat. The adjustable air suspension allows you the freedom to set your ride height as low or as high as you would like. At highway speeds the Jeep lowers itself to what it refers to as "aerodynamic ride height". For dramatic effect, once parked you can drop the Grand Cherokee to its lowest setting - it looks, as the Americans would say, "badass". 

Beneath that long hood resides a 3.6l naturally aspirated V6 engine with 210 kW and 344 Nm. It’s a silky smooth six-pot, and despite not being turbocharged, doesn't feel like an underperformer. With a soothing hum, the six-cylinder diligently undertakes its duties, averaging around 11l/100km at best. When put under pressure, expect that figure to rise to 17l/100km. An endearing driving characteristic is the Jeep's heavy and planted feel, filtered through to the steering wheel, it suits the car's overall imposing demeanour 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Price

R1.3 million gets you into the Jeep Grand Cherokee range, placing you in the Limited variant. Add another R400 000 and you gain access to the range-topping Summit Reserve, in both 5-seater and 7-seater L variants. Have a look at the full pricelist below.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

R 1 356 900

Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited 

R 1 376 900

Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

R 1 570 900

Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland 

R 1 590 900

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Reserve

R 1 770 900

Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve

R 1 790 900



Gugu Masuku – Proudly CHANGECARS