SVI Engineering has unveiled its latest upgrade for the Ford Ranger, enhancing its security with the B6 Stopgun V3.0 armor package. This marks the continuation of SVI's partnership with Ford, ensuring  customers can order the new armor kit through any authorized Blue Oval dealership in South Africa, all while maintaining the vehicle's standard warranty and service plans intact.

Financing options through Ford Credit further streamline the process for interested buyers.

Ford Ranger with SVI B6 Stopgun V3.0 armor package

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Unlike its predecessor, which focused on protection against assault rifles, the Stopgun V3.0 package brings a new level of usability to the Ford Ranger. Positioned as part of SVI's broader Stopgun offerings, this package caters to various vehicles, including the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, and previous-generation Ranger.

The distinguishing feature of the V3.0 kit lies in its discreet design, achieved by shifting the flat armored glass inwards to preserve the standard side windows. This adjustment not only enhances the vehicle's appearance but also reduces wind noise—an improvement appreciated by discerning buyers. For those seeking even greater discretion, optional upgrades such as a curved windscreen are available.

Interioir view of the Ford Ranger with B6 Stopgun V3.0 armor package

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The B6-rated Stopgun V3.0 package boasts 40mm ballistic glass and 5-6mm armored steel plates integrated throughout the vehicle's structure. From pillars to doors, roof, and beyond, every critical area is fortified to ensure occupant safety. Furthermore, the package includes upgraded door hinges and a front suspension enhancement, ensuring both security and performance.

In addition to the Stopgun V3.0, SVI offers discreet armoring solutions across the Ford Ranger lineup, catering to different security needs. From the Level B4 Discreet, providing protection against handguns, to the Level B6 Discreet, offering defense against assault rifle ammunition, customers have a range of options to choose from based on their requirements.

Ford Ranger amour plated window

Installation of the Stopgun V3.0 package is efficient, taking just three weeks to complete, with prices starting at R295 293 (excl. VAT) for the Single Cab variant. For those opting for discreet armoring, project build times extend to three months, with customizable options available to tailor the level of protection according to individual needs.

Pricing (excludes VAT and excludes purchase price of base vehicle):

 Armouring level

 Single Cab

 Super Cab

 Double Cab

 B4 Discreet

 from R426 268

 from R572 377

 from R572 377

 B6 Discreet

 from R665 116

 from R866 966

 from R866 966

 B6 Stopgun V3.0

 from R295 293

 from R341 587

 from R422 257

*figures exclude VAT and the purchase price of the base vehicle

Colin Windell