Electric Vehicles are slowly but surely becoming a favorite option, worldwide.

So why is this ?

Fossil fuels are a commodity and are becoming more and more expensive. Harmful chemicals due to the combustion of these fuels are alo bad to the environment.

You might say that the process of producing batteries for these vehicles are harmful to the environment, but this process only contributes a small percentage compared to the total effect of internal combustion vehicles.

The SA market has seen a few full EV models being made available here for example: The Golf E, Nissan Leaf, BMW iX3, BMW i3, Mini Cooper SE, Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace to name a few.

The Chinese market is also hitting the international market with a bang, turning out many different and affordable EV options which will most likely make their way here to SA.

So you would say, but what about SA's infrastructure to accommodate the use of these vehicles. Well we are further along than you might think. Charging stations are being built in the main Cities and sooner than later you will find charging points on all the main routes in SA.

Manufactures also gives you the option to install "fast charging" stations at your home, which makes charging quick and easy.

For now, in my experience, an EV makes a great vehicle for City driving, works great for those of us being fortunate enough to work from home. Some EV's can at this stage give you ranges of up to 400km on a full charge and even more.

You might also say that EV's are much more expensive than the normal petrol or diesel variants. Yes you are right, but like with any technology those prices will also come down as time goes on.

Elon Musk the Chief Executive of Tesla announced that manufacturing of Tesla Cars (Current world Leader in EV technology) will commence in Germany, he calls it "another step in the direction of a sustainable future"

EV's are here to stay