JAECOO has been revealed to South Africa as a sub-brand of Omoda and labelled as an urban off-road SUV. Debuting at the Shangai Auto Show in 2023, focusing on urban off-road SUVs with a fitting slogan “From Classic, Beyond Classic”.

The brand's driving experience is called All Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS) which features 7 unique driving modes that can alter the power delivery, comfort levels, capabilities and a smattering of other options to choose from. 

The J7 will launch in early 2024, hosts 7 driving modes and will easily seat 5 people with vast comfortability and a 14.8" vertically positioned touchscreen infotainment system. It'll be sold and supported through the Omodda/JAECOO brand in South Africa, with 30 already established in Mzansi. 

 “Earlier this year, South Africa was the first country on the African continent to offer the OMODA brand and our nation is now among the first in the world to welcome JAECOO. We have big plans for JAECOO, including the expansion of our dealer network to approximately 50 by the end of 2024,” said Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager for OMODA&JAECOO.

“At JAECOO, we’re setting new standards for sports utility vehicles, crafting models that can excel both as luxury on-road SUVs and as capable off-roaders. Our elegant SUVs are as comfortable transporting you to your desk in the city as they are taking you to the dunes in the desert,” added Liu. “They will thus appeal to a strong, fearless person in work who is equally adventurous at leisure.”

Jaecoo is setting out to be a no-nonsense urban off-roader with two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive options available. With innovative designs, forward-thinking intelligent technologies and remarkable safety the J7 will make a name for itself. 

Lu-Allen Kruger - Proudly ChangeCars