When German marque Mercedes-Benz decided to relabel its products and introduce the “G” into the naming system, there was some adapting that needed to be done, especially with models like the GLE which was previously known as the ML. Well, now that we’re all well acquainted with the naming system, allow us to introduce you to the new Mercedes-Benz GLC, which we were privileged to sample in Cape Town this week. 

What’s new

The original GLC recipe hasn’t been drastically altered, the SUV is still recognisable as a GLC. Its appearance has been improved through newly designed headlamps, a new grille, and a new taillight design. The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC is available in Avantguard styling as standard, but you also have the option of the AMG Line should that cater to your tastebuds. In the standard vehicle, 18-inch wheels are the manufacturer's chosen specification, while the AMG Line wears the larger 20-inch AMG wheel. Speaking of size, there has also been an increase in length and width here, as is customary with any new model. The new Mercedes-Benz GLC is 60mm longer and has a 6mm wider track.


The cabin is as impressive as any new Mercedes-Benz, like the current C-Class, which scored high during our test review of it. Merc has upgraded the GLC's interior with their latest kit, like the slick touch responsive steering wheel, which was pioneered by the S-Class. It also borrows the brand's new large and aesthetically well-crafted media screen from the S-Class, which of course first trickled down to the current C-Class. The previous seats have been swapped out for slimmer yet comfortable versions in this new vehicle.

 Engine options 

Three variants of the new GLC are on sale and they all come standard with 4MATIC as well as Mercedes-Benz's 48-volt battery technology. The GLC 220 d is the gatekeeper, followed by a GLC 300 d and GLC 300, the latter 300 is a petrol variant. All engines have 2.0l of displacement but different maps have been applied to the GLC 220 d (145 kW & 440 Nm) and the GLC 300 d (198 kW & 550 Nm. At the launch, we had a go in the more potent 300 d, and the verdict is that it's a vehicle with good performance and great torque delivery, allowing you to power your way through any situation. It does this while still offering a very comfortable ride, even when switched to its sports setting. Some of the vehicles at the launch were equipped with rear wheels steering, which aids in manoeuvring the car in tight spaces as well as in its handling.

2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC price

This is where things become a tad interesting. The cost of purchasing a car has certainly gone up, and the new GLC is quick to remind you of this. It starts at R1.2 million for the GLC220 d 4MATIC, and you'll pay R1.4 million should you want the GLC 300 d 4MATIC. There's a catch though, Mercedes-Benz South Africa says they looked at the most common optional extras people opt for when purchasing this type of vehicle, and added them as standard to the new GLC. The brand says they've added R250K worth of optional extras to this new SUV, which is why the pricing structure is the way it is.

GLC220 d 4MATIC                                           R1 211 220

GLC 300 d 4MATIC                                          R1 410 194

GLC 300  4MATIC                                            R1 328 500


Gugu Masuku - CHANGECARS