We’re already at the tail end of the year, December, the month when most of us travel to various destinations across the country and beyond. While some may fly to their holiday destinations, many choose to drive. Should you be part of the latter group, certain things may require your attention before you buckle up for the big trip.

Here’s a useful checklist to have before you set off on your journey for the holiday season.


Check your vehicle

The most integral tool in your travel arsenal will be your vehicle, so it only makes sense that you would prioritise it and make sure that it's in good running condition before the big drive. Your best bet is to take it into a car workshop for a full inspection, alternatively, if the vehicle has recently been through a workshop for a full service it would have been inspected and seen to. All you need to do is a quick check of your tyres for wear and tear, as well as the correct air pressure. It's also important to check that you have a good spare in the boot and the correct tools to change a tyre should you need to. Sadly, hidden items like your jack and spanner sometimes go missing after a vehicle has been in for any sort of repair work.


Trailers and caravans

If you have any intentions of towing, we would recommend that you do a similar pre-trip inspection of your trailer as you did for your vehicle. Lights, tyres and number plates need to be in good nick. For those with roof-mounted tents and similar items, do yourself a favour and check that everything is mounted and strapped down securely because things can grow wings at high speed.



Navigation devices and cellphones are all part of your key travel items, and as such, they should fall part of your pre-trip inspection -especially the Garmins and Nav systems. You may discover that you’re due for the latest software map upgrade.


Essential items

The list of essentials may vary from person to person, but ultimately there are some fundamental things which you will require before departure. Chargers are crucial and easy to forget. Stock up on snacks and fluids, and if necessary, make sure you have stimulants such as Red Bull on board. A handheld torch and first aid kit are two very underrated items which you don’t think about until you need them, so make sure you have both and that the first aid kit is stocked up.


Travelling with family and friends is always a good way to spend time with your loved ones, plan your trip well and do your best to travel during daylight for your safety and to take in the beautiful sights.

Words: Gugu Masuku