On 28th June this year, Mahindra SA hosted a large event where they unveiled their new corporate identity. Then they showed preview models of the long awaited XUV 700 and the very new Scorpio N............but that was not all.

An additional surprise was the reveal of 3 special edition versions of the Pik-Up Karoo models. Taking the locally developed Karoo, they were further enhanced with upgraded off-road suspension and bumpers to further improve the 4x4 ability. Then they upgraded the interior and each of the Dawn, Dusk and Storm models are only available in a specific colour scheme unique to each.

Legend has it that the entire concept was dreamed up by the local team when they took the original Karoo models to the Karoo and saw the spectacular terrain and weather at the specific times of the day.

I was fortunate to experience these new enhanced models recently at the challenging KlipBokKop 4x4 facility in the Western Cape. The vehicles certainly showed there capability, especially in deep, soft sand. The only limitations on the day were the drivers behind the wheel!

One of the Mahindra SA slogans is "Always Up for A Challenge" and in this spirit the Mahindra Expedition was born. Taking the new derivatives and exposing them to an 8000 km journey through SA, the Kalahari and Namibia seeking out tar, gravel, sand and desert conditions that would challenge any vehicle.

All the vehicles came through with flying colours and not a single mechanical issue or breakdown. The team also enthused about the sheer comfort of the vehicles in all conditions as a bonus.

In chatting to Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra SA, he revealed that many more such projects are being planned in the true spirit of "Unleashing the Explorer in You.

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