So, let's talk about the sleek and exciting Omoda C9. This upcoming model from the new Omoda brand has got car enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation. While it hasn't touched down in the South African market just yet, we got a teaser of what to expect at the 2023 Festival of Motoring, where Omoda had the only one in South Africa on display, leaving everyone rubbing their hands with excitement.

This vehicle isn't just about getting from A to B - it's about making a statement while doing it. The Omoda C9 boasts a head-turning design, with sleek lines and a dynamic silhouette that screams futuristic innovation. Whether you're cruising through the streets or parked somewhere, the C9 is bound to draw glances of all kinds.

Let's talk about the heart of this luxury offering – the engine. While we're still waiting for the official specs to hit our shores, what we do know is that the Omoda C9 is going to be offered in a range of drivetrains, starting with a 2.0l turbocharged petrol engine with 197 kW and 400 Nm – which should be plenty for a vehicle of its size. 

Delving into some of the features that make the Omoda C9 a standout in a world saturated with new cars, inside the cabin you can expect a tech-savvy paradise. Touchscreen infotainment screens span nearly the width of the dashboard, while plush interior finishes and features such as the fold-out passenger legrest make you feel like you're sitting in the lap of luxury – you would assume that you're in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series. If the unit we scrutinized is anything to go by, you'll appreciate the attention to detail that Omoda seems to have poured into creating a vehicle that's not just a mode of transport, but a hub of connectivity and comfort.

Fortunately, the Omoda C9’s arrival is on the horizon, we're talking the first quarter of 2024. If priced right, it will ruffle feathers in the local automotive space, changing the landscape, along with other Chinese brands that offer consumers a lot of value for their Rand. 


Gugu Masuku - Proudly CHANGECARS