The JAC T9-series

JAC has been in South Africa for quite some time and is usually seen as a rugged workhorse that doesn't offer much in terms of kit. However, the new T9 promises to be the most advanced bakkie built by JAC to date. 

With a modern interior and design, it will be right up there with the rest of the Chinese brands where opulence seems to be prevalent. 

After four years of development, the long-awaited JAC T-series double cab is finally showing its face after being unveiled at the Shanghai Automotive Show only six months ago. Due to South Africa's position to have right-hand-drive vehicles, it's one of the perfect places for its release as we have that in common with the Chinese market. 

The T9 is based on JAC motors-third-generation international LCV platform. JAC was started as a truck manufacturer 60 years ago in China - the T9 range will be exported to 40 countries where there is brand presence. With its imposing road presence, the leisure-filled double-cab is looking to spearhead itself to the top in a highly contested market.

Since April 2017, JAC Motors has steadily expanded its presence in the South African market, introducing its LCV and MCV product ranges and establishing a network of over 70 dealers across Southern Africa.

The JAC T9-seriesThe JAC T9-series

The T9's retail price includes the company's comprehensive 5-year/100,000 km manufacturer's warranty, 5-year/100,000 km service plan and 24-hour roadside assistance programme. Service intervals are scheduled every 10,000 km.

The suggested retail prices of the T9 line-up (VAT incl.):
T9 2.0L CTi 4×2 Lux: R529,900
T9 2.0L CTi 4×2 Super Lux: R579,900
T9 2.0L CTi 4×4 Lux: R599,900
T9 2.0L CTi 4×4 Super Lux: R649,900

The T9 is available in seven colours: Star Grey, Metallic Grey, Silver, White, Black, Red and Blue.

Owners can personalise their new T9s with various accessories to match their lifestyles and preferences.

"We are excited to introduce the T9 into our T-Series double-cab range, targeting customers in search of luxurious comfort and the driving experience of a passenger car, perfectly suited to their active lifestyles and dual-purpose needs," says Karl-Heinz Göbel, Chief Executive Officer of JAC Motors South Africa.

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