Once upon a time in the world of motorcycles, Indian Motorcycle, known as America’s First Motorcycle Company, unveiled the next generation of the legendary Indian Scout. Drawing on the authentic Scout DNA, the all-new 2025 Indian Scout lineup is a tribute to its rich history, featuring five models, three trim levels, and over 100 Scout family accessories for endless customization possibilities.

Indian Scout DNA motorbike

Indian Scout Bobber

This new Scout family pays homage to Indian Motorcycle’s heritage while offering a blend of iconic American design, a perfect balance of power and control, and cutting-edge rider-centric technology.

Crafted with insights from extensive rider research, the Indian Scout promises confidence-inspiring performance, user-friendly technology, and top-notch rider amenities. Boasting the industry’s lowest seat height, the Indian Scout ensures a comfortable and stable riding position with agile handling.

Across the lineup, ABS enhances rider confidence and braking performance, while select models feature Traction Control and Ride Modes for a personalized riding experience at the push of a button.

Mike Dougherty, President of Indian Motorcycle, says: “Scout is the ultimate American cruiser and a symbol of the Indian Motorcycle brand. As our best-selling platform, the Scout has always been a cornerstone of our lineup.

“While riders worldwide adore the current Scout models, we are thrilled to elevate it to new heights and continue its legacy with a diverse range of models to meet the needs of our global riding community.”

Ola Stenegärd, Director of Product Design for Indian Motorcycle, shared his excitement, saying: “Designing the next chapter of the Scout has been a dream come true. Our primary focus was to honor the iconic legacy of the Scout and ensure that the new lineup captures the timeless essence of its predecessors.

Indian Sport Scout

Indian Sport Scout

“We aimed to maintain a clean, iconic look, follow the classic Scout lines, and offer a customizable package. It all began with the steel tube frame and the all-new V-Twin engine.”

At the core of the all-new Indian Scout lies a completely revamped 1250cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine – the SpeedPlus 1250. Delivering up to 82 kW of power and over 109 Nm of torque, each Indian Scout promises exhilarating acceleration and impressive passing capabilities. Electronic fuel injection ensures smooth throttle response, while a responsive six-speed transmission puts all that power within easy reach for a spirited ride.

Ben Lindaman, Product Director for Indian Motorcycle, added: “The Scout holds a special place in our hearts as an iconic and historic model that resonates with riders of all kinds, from every corner of the globe. Since the launch of the current Scout a decade ago, the midsize cruiser segment has evolved. Our research and rider feedback drove us to prioritize the Scout’s iconic design, top-tier performance, and innovative rider-focused technology.”

To enhance an American icon like the Indian Scout, Indian Motorcycle focused on three key areas. First and foremost, the new Scout had to stay true to its legendary design DNA, a feature beloved by riders.

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Secondly, the lineup was engineered to cater to the diverse needs of its riders, with a lightweight build and low seat height for nimble handling and rider confidence. Lastly, technology played a crucial role in the new Scout, offering a range of technology packages for riders to choose from, ensuring they have access to the latest advancements in the industry.

The 2025 Indian Scout lineup, a fresh platform built from scratch, comprises five models with three trim levels, ensuring there’s a style and price point for every rider.

Among the lineup is the Indian Scout Bobber, a stripped-down powerhouse exuding an aggressive bobber style. With blacked-out features, chopped fenders, and a solo seat, the Scout Bobber offers a minimalist yet comfortable ride with a mean aesthetic.

The Indian Sport Scout, inspired by history and redesigned for modern style, brings a more aggressive spirit to the lineup with its sleek design and sporty features. The Scout Classic combines heritage-inspired design with modern cruiser needs, boasting premium chrome accents and a timeless look.

For riders seeking adventure, the Indian Super Scout comes equipped with saddlebags, windshield, and passenger pillion, making it the perfect companion for long rides. Finally, the Indian 101 Scout, rooted in history as one of the greatest motorcycles ever made, offers premium components and unrivaled performance for those who crave speed and style.

Introducing three technology trim levels for the 2025 model year, Indian Motorcycle ensures there’s a Scout for every rider’s preferences. Starting with the Standard Trim, riders get ABS, new LED lighting, and an analogue gauge with fuel level and economy readouts.

Indian motorcycle

Indian Super Scout

The Limited Trim adds premium badging and enhanced technology like Traction Control, Cruise Control, USB Charger, and selectable ride modes. At the pinnacle, the Limited +Tech Trim elevates the Scout experience with a 101 mm Round Touchscreen Display, keyless ignition, and RIDE COMMAND+ connected services for the ultimate riding experience.

In a world where the open road beckons and the rumble of a powerful engine stirs the soul, the 2025 Indian Scout lineup stands as a testament.

Colin Windell