If you thought electric vehicles were a thing of the future, think again. Japanese car manufacturer, Suzuki has just unveiled what is set to be its first electric vehicle, called the eVX, as they join the electric revolution among other brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.

The Suzuki eVX was unveiled at this year's 12th annual Auto Expo in India and is set for global release in 2025. Suzuki's eVX concept is set to join the brand's SUV line-up, bringing some electrifying flavour to the pot. Suzuki says the EV concept SUV “combines Suzuki’s strong 4x4 DNA with the most advanced features currently available in battery electric vehicles (BEV)”. By the time it hits the ground, the eVX will be met by the upcoming Suzuki Grand Vitara which will be available in hybrid format. According to Suzuki, the Grand Vitara will be launched here in South Africa in 2023. With no official launch date yet, it's still something to look forward to as we kick off the year.


Suzuki eVX specs

Thankfully, the Japs have given us more than just a due date for their eVX SUV. We know that it will be fitted with a 60-kWh battery and at least two electric motors. What's even more impressive will be its range. We're looking at an electric range of 550km according to Suzuki, which is plenty of juice for an EV.


For a size reference, the eVX will be slightly larger than the current Suzuki Vitara, with dimensions of 4.5m in length and 1.8m wide. Its height is set to be 1.6m. As things stand, the only visual reference we have is the concept version of the eVX, only time will tell what the final product will look like. 2025 is just two years away so we’ll wait.


Words: Gugu Masuku