There aren't many 4x4 vehicles that have the global following that the Suzuki Jimny has managed to amass over the decades. Having been around for that long it's difficult to believe that the popular Jimny is only in its second generation locally, and for those who love the model, things are about to become better.


Five-door Suzuki Jimny

 The Jimny isn't this popular because it has an endearing outward appearance, yes, that is important, but it has earned its stripes over time as a seriously capable and affordable 4x4 vehicle. Jimny's have been known to traverse terrain that most vehicles would simply not dare attempt, and this is why it's so desirable.


Throughout its history the Suzuki Jimny has only been available in a two-door configuration, limiting its appeal to those without the need for interior space. For the first time, Suzuki has announced that its halo model will be available in a five-door configuration and it has been confirmed for South Africa. The new variant was unveiled at the recent Auto Expo in India alongside the new Fronx SUV, which is also destined for SA.

How big is the 5-door Suzuki Jimny?

 With this announcement, there's no doubt that Jimny will now appeal to an even broader audience. It will still be sold in both manual and automatic variants and utilise the brand's proven 1.5-litre petrol engine. Using the same formulae of a ladder frame chassis, the 5-door Jimny is 360mm longer than its 3-door sibling and has had its wheelbase extended by 340mm. Its width and height have remained the same, maintaining the compact profile we've become accustomed to. From an off-road functionality point of view, nothing has changed. It maintains its 210mm ground clearance and has the brand's AllGrip system which allows the switch between 2WD and 4WD to be done on the fly. Low-range 4WD is available and on standby should it be required.


While the brand has confirmed the 5-door Jimny for our market, there's currently no indication of launch date. What we know is that they intend to launch it locally as soon as yesterday. We'll keep you up to date on any progress, but for now - we sit tight.


Words: Gugu Masuku