A Volvo EX30 driving in the country side

Its local launch is still a week in the future, but Volvo already has tongues wagging about the EX30’s pricing.

While we are patiently awaiting the official launch event for its new EX30, Volvo has set an early cat among the pigeons by announcing highly competitive pricing for this newcomer. It’s not only inexpensive for an EV, but actually competes on price with its petrol-powered showroom siblings - and offers stronger acceleration than pretty much anything else in its segment.

Rear view of a Volvo EX30 driving on a road with mountains in the backgroundWith a starting price of R 775 900, the entry-level EX30 Core (single-motor, RWD) costs about as much as a high-spec XC40 crossover with the smallest engine option (B3). It comprehensively out-performs its traditional counterpart, however, by bringing 200 kW to the table while the XC40 B3 can only muster 110 kW. This endows even the base EX30 with hot-hatch-level performance, and slashes more than 3 seconds from the petrol-hybrid XC40’s 0 - 100 km/h sprint time, hitting the benchmark figure in only 5.7 seconds. Quicker than a Golf GTI, it only misses out on the “vrrr-pha!” sound effects.

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The Volvo EX30 badge on the rear of the car

At the opposite end of the range, the EX30 Performance models (dual motor, AWD, and available in two trim levels) are the quickest-accelerating Volvos yet, and bring super-sedan acceleration to the sub-one-million price range. You’re unlikely to find anything else new with similar sprinting ability for this outlay, and it out-drags the current “traffic light Grand Prix” favourite Golf R by a large margin with a claimed 0 - 100 km/h dash in only 3.6 seconds. It’s difficult to argue against a combined output of 315 kW and 543 Nm and all-wheel drive traction in a straight line…

We’ll experience this new performance Volvo on real roads at its launch event soon, but the on-paper combination of electric torque, scorching acceleration, and a comparatively reasonable pricetag already has us salivating at the prospect.

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The Volvo EX30 front 3 quarter view in a parking lot

Volvo EX30 Prices in South Africa

The Volvo EX30 is sold with a warranty, maintenance plan, and roadside assistance for 5 years or 100 000 km, and the battery has a warranty period of 8 years. Prices were accurate at the time of publication, but are subject to change without prior notice.

EX30 Core Single Motor: R 775 900

EX30 Plus Single Motor Extended Range: R 865 900

EX30 Plus Twin Motor Performance: R 935 900

EX30 Ultra Single Motor Extended Range: R 965 900

EX30 Ultra Twin Motor Performance: R 995 900

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