Younger buyers eager to CHANGECARS are setting their sights on Crossover/SUVs with these reclaiming top spot from the Hatch after being pushed into second spot in 2022.

“Together,” saiys Andrew Hibbert Auto Data Analyst & Team Lead for Lightstone,” they made up more than 80% of purchases by buyers under 35. “Double Cab Pick-ups have dropped off in popularity over the last couple of years, while the MPV/Estate has moved up to fourth place in the ranking.”



The Hatch, however, remains comfortably the top seller with around 45% of sales in the used car market, although demand has cooled during 2023 and into 2024.

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Used vehicle body shape preference


The Crossover/SUV was a distant second, but was gaining popularity, mirroring the growth in the new market. Sedans held onto third place amongst the body shapes preferred by under 35s, but with a shrinking share of market. 

Favourite brands

Hibbert said the top five positions had remained unchanged over the past two years, with Volkswagen the leader, followed by Toyota, Ford, Suzuki and Nissan.

“The top 5 made up around 65% of all sales (new and used) to under 35s,”

Favoured brands of under 35s


Notably, Chery, from China, entered the top 10 in 2023 and moved to 9th in early 2024.

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Volkswagen body shape breakdown

The graph above clearly shows 80% of under 35s like the Volkswagen Hatch space, while the Crossover/SUV is next with just under 10% of sales. Hunger for the Sedan appeared to be waning.

Toyota body shape breakdown

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Hibbert said Toyota buyers (graph above) were more evenly spread across body shapes, with the Hatch and Crossover/SUV dominant, followed by the Double Cab Pickup and then the Sedan which, as with other brands, continued to lose popularity.

The Double Cab Pick-up was the most popular body shape amongst Ford buyers in 2023 and into 2024, overtaking the Hatch, which was the leading choice of Ford buyers in 2022. The Crossover/SUV was in third spot.

Colin Windell