Red Suzuki Vitara Brezza in the Cape winelands

Great value for money can be found if you shop for a used crossover, rather than opting for a new entry-level hatchback.

Money’s too tight to mention, but that doesn’t mean that budget-minded buyers need to compromise on practicality or standard features. For the same outlay as a new Polo Vivo, you could buy one of these used crossovers - and transport your family in more space and with better equipment instead. We found this excellent selection right here on CHANGECARS, but there are even more options in our SUV listing pages - go have a look!

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These cars are all priced within the R 250 000 to R 300 000 price band, and most of them will still have some of their OEM warranties left over for peace of mind. None of them lack for safety features, and all of them can give you something stylish and practical without costing a bomb to buy, fuel or maintain. Why settle for less if you can get a great used car?

Blue Renault Kiger drivigng in the city

Renault Kiger

We’d avoid the non-turbo Kiger because it’s underpowered in today’s traffic, but the 1.0T engine in the higher-spec Kiger is a peach because it is both punchy and frugal. 74 kW and 160 Nm are decent outputs for the money, while all turbo Kigers are well-equipped as standard. Get one with less than 40 000 km on the odo for about R 250 000, and still enjoy at least 3 years of the OEM warranty in the process.

A red Nissan Magnite in a parking lot

Nissan Magnite

Built on the same platform and using the same oily bits as the Renault Kiger, the Nissan Magnite presents the same mix of features and practicality as its French-branded sibling. Once again, the 1.0T manual is the one to go for, where you can save up to R 40 000 when buying a used example with about 10 000 km on its odo, instead of choosing a new one. The Acenta trim strikes a nice balance between useful features and price, and represents the best value in the range.

A white Suzuki Vitara Brezza in front of a dark brick house

Suzuki Vitara Brezza/Toyota Urban Cruiser

These cars are identical in all respects except their badges, but both offer sterling value for money in the used-car market. While they have now been replaced by new models, these first-generation cars have many positive attributes, ranging from fuel efficiency and spacious cabins to low running costs and affordable insurance. 77 kW and 138 Nm are on par with what you’d get in a new compact hatch at this price, while most of the modern conveniences are included as standard. Opting for a Suzuki will give you a longer remaining OEM warranty, however, so that would be our first choice.

A White Haval H6C in a front of office complex

Haval H6C

Stemming from a larger size class and featuring a much more powerful engine than any of the other cars on this list, a used Haval H6C makes good sense as a used buy. It has now absorbed its initial depreciation knock, and shouldn’t lose much more of its value in the medium term. Fuel consumption isn’t stunning and there will only be 1 year of OEM warranty cover left on the newest ones, but there’s no denying that 140 kW and 310 Nm, combined with a long equipment list and spacious interior, makes for compelling used family-car shopping.

A White Hyundai Venue overlook Hout Bay

Hyundai Venue

While its shadows is about as small as that of a Volkswagen Polo Vivo, the Venue offers improved practicality by virtue of its taller stature giving more headroom. We’d skip by the plethora of 1.2-litre examples on site, however, because that little engine can become overworked when faced with the Highveld’s altitude and generally high cruising speeds. Get a 1.0T in the base “Motion” trim instead, and revel in the 88 kW and 175 Nm underfoot while you’re leaving a 1.4-litre Vivo choking on your reduced exhaust fumes on the freeway.

Martin Pretorius


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