We've seen manufacturers partnering up with armouring companies to offer armoured versions of their cars, it seems to always be larger vehicles like SUVs and bakkies that receive this protective treatment. Vehicle armouring company, Amormax has built the first armoured Golf 8 GTI in South Africa and globally.


The firm isn't new to fortifying Volkswagen vehicles, with its first project of this kind dating back to 2018 when they were tasked with armouring a fleet of Golf 7 vehicles, ranging from 1.4 TSI models to the range-topping R. It's been four years and they're at it again, this time working on two Golf 8 GTIs for delivery to whoever is willing to pay the R1 800 000 asking price for a bulletproof GTI.

So, for the price of two Golf 8 GTIs, what are you getting in this armoured version? “This particular armouring package includes replacement of all standard glass with Optima ballistic glass that from the outside looks no different to a standard vehicle. All doors, panels, pillars, rear seats and hatch are armoured with lightweight synthetic armour. The same ballistic protection is included in the roof and sunroof, the latter remaining operational just as the front windows are.” Said an Armomax representative. Of course, with the added weight of vehicle armour, performance may be compromised. However, according to the brand, this armouring conversion only adds less than 180 kg to the car’s total weight.


The two armoured Golf 8 GTIs have been commissioned by MMI Armoured Cars with the first one asking for R1.8m fully specced from the factory. Finished in black, the second GTI will set you back R1.7m only because it has less optional equipment. Visit  www.mmiarmouredcars.co.za should you be interested in a

ny of their products.



Words: Gugu Masuku