1. Proudly South African

A little-known fact about the BMW X3, and one we can boast of, is that it's a proudly South African product, built at BMW's Rosslyn plant. The first X3 to roll out of the Rosslyn conveyer belt emerged in 2018, and the Pretoria-based factory has been on a roll since. BMW's Rosslyn factory not only produces the X3 for our local market but exports the model to many regions globally too. The current BMW X3 has been a product of Plant Rosslyn since 2021.


2. Baby M

Although not a fully-fledged M car, the BMW X3 M40i is as close as it gets to its potent X3 M version. Externally, it has a blacked-out M-badged kidney grille, gloss-black M exterior mirrors as well as beefy 20-inch wheels with a wider set at the rear. You can also upgrade to the optional 21-inch M-alloys finished in Jet Black. Inside, the X3 M40i comes dressed for the occasion with M bucket seats, which not only give you the feeling of being in a true M car, but are supportive and comfortable for daily use.

 3. Performance

With BMW’s 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-six engine, codenamed the B58, the BMW X3 M40i will fend off many SUVs and sports cars on the road. One of the B58's endearing traits is its deep, harmonious exhaust tune which is ever present when the vehicle is in Sport or suddenly barks to life when you accelerate in any of the other driving modes. The B58 engine in the X3 M40i is not all bark and no bite, no. It delivers 285 kW and 500 Nm with zero perceptible lag. Speaking of the lowest digit in the numerical order, the X3 M40i with its xDrive AWD system will do the 0-100km/h sprint in just 4.5 seconds.       


4. Handling & Driving Dynamics

True to the brand's driver-focused nature, the BMW X3 M40i is a premium SUV with exceptional handling and driving dynamics. It still has that planted feel and a weighted steering wheel that previous generation BMWs became known for.  The M Sport suspension is partially responsible for this, as well as steering wheel enhancements that make it engaging and have precise handling. It's the kind of setup that makes you want to go out in search of winding roads because you have a good understanding of just how capable the car is. 

5. 48-volt mild hybrid technology

Playing the six-cylinder bass through the two exhaust outlets isn't going to be an everyday occurrence. There will be occasions when you may need to drive like an adult and be frugal with your fuel. Thankfully, the X3 M40i isn't merely a thirsty, tank-draining performance car. With EcoPro the car, with its 48-volt mild hybrid technology, can work some behind-the-scenes sorcery to coast and maintain its momentum for extended periods, resulting in very decent fuel economy if you maintain that style of driving.


Gugu Masuku – proudly CHANGECARS