Volvo recently went on record stating that 50% of their cars would be electric by 2025 and that by 2030 their entire range would be powered by various forms of battery electric power.

The SA company has started along the same track and recently revealed their new 2022 range to the media. Mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric models now make up the entire range available in SA.

Let's start with the mild hybrid power available in both XC60 and XC90 models. The range now starts with B5 which means 183kW and 350Nm and a front-wheel drive model as the entry level on XC60.

Next up is the B6 with 220kW and 420Nm. Both B5 and B6 are petrol powered with 48V electric assistance for acceleration, fuel economy and improved emissions.

The XC90 was previously available as the T8 plug-in hybrid. This powertrain is now also added to the XC60 range with both in upgraded, more powerful form. The petrol engine delivers 233kW plus 107kW from the electric motor giving you 340kW and 640Nm in total. How about 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds in the XC60 and 5.3 seconds in the XC90?

The battery pack has also been increased and upgraded with the cars being capable of covering 60-70km in electric only mode. This is more than sufficient for most commuting situations.

The icing on the cake was provided by the all new XC40 P8 fully electric. With a 150kW electric motor on each axle for total power of 300kW and 660Nm this is a real sports SUV with 0-100 in 4.3 seconds. Claimed range is just over 400km on a single charge but this is obviously dependent on driving conditions and style.

The P8 comes with a comprehensive package that includes items like 3 years insurance plus the use of a petrol powered XC40 for 2 weeks per year for the first 3 years. Obviously this is for long- distance holiday travelling.

All the vehicles still have the renowned Volvo safety packages plus all the luxury spec that any owner could wish for.

Alan Rosenmeyer: