Detailing for Beginners

Ever wondered how to look after your Car's paint and overall appearance, here is how.

Your Car is exposed to the elements every day, The Sun, Wind, Rain, Dust, Road Debris, Tar and other impurities that then sticks to the paint, wheels and glass of your car.

It is thus advisable to regularly clean your Car to keep it in tip top condition.

I normally wash my Cars once a week, even more if needed. But Washing your Car only is not enough, you need to take extra care to make it look good.

Start off by washing your Car, from top to bottom. You will notice that your car is more dirty towards the bottom, thus starting from the roof and working downwards is best. Avoid washing your car in the sun, as it makes the car dry quicker and "burns" the soap and watermarks into the paint work.

Always use a soft washing mitt to wash your Car, use enough soap. First rinse your Car, then foam it up and lastly rinse it off again. Use a car drying towel to dry your Car properly.

Once every 2 to 3 months it is advisable to decontaminate, Polish and Wax your car, here are a few tips:

1. Wash your Car as described above

2. Polish your car. Polish helps to clean the paint and dissolves impurities. It makes the paint of your slick and shiny 

3. After polishing it is best to also Wax your car, the Wax basically seals your paint and protects it from the elements (much like sun screen does to your skin)

4. Remember to vacuum your car, keep the upholstery clean with car upholstery cleaner and treat your leather seats with leather Care products. You can normally use the leather care products to protect the steering wheel, dashboard and plastics in the car as well.

These 4 steps above are the basics to keep your Car looking great, but there are more technical ways which the professionals use.

Remember to always follow the instructions given on the products you use and as a rule don't apply Polish and Wax in a swirl motion. Apply it in a Up-Down and Left-Right motion, this will avoid swirl marks. 

Some great Car detailing guys to follow on Youtube is, local expert Lee from "Auto Exquisite Detail" and International Car detailer from Canada "Pan the Organizer"

Happy motoring